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How to Remember Names

How to Remember Names


Does this happen to you? You just met someone at a social function or a meeting and you instantly realize that you can’t recall their name. People place great value on being recognized and you don’t want to be considered rude or awkward. Here are 4 simple tips to help you retain the name of the person you just met. 1. Focus. You want to send a positive message to the person you’re meet... Read More »

sleeping brain

Did You Know That Your Brain Takes Breaks?

Fitness and Health

The human brain takes a rest of its own when you go to sleep, according to new research. A study paired EEG (electroencephalogram) readings with data collected by electrodes measuring electrical activity inside the brain while patients slept. The results showed that neurons within the brain sometimes take short breaks during sleep, and that these rest periods allow us to remain asleep even though ... Read More »


Yawning – Why Do We Do It and Why Is It Contagious?

Fitness and Health / General

Yawning is one of the most natural things in the world and something that we do even before we are born, but why do we yawn and why is it so contagious? Theories abound in the medical world as to why humans and some animals yawn. While some scientists believe that it was a method used by our ancestors to warn off enemies by baring our teeth, others see it as nothing more than an involuntary reflex... Read More »

The Perils of Perfectionism

The Perils of Perfectionism

Confidence / General

Finding work/life balance in today’s busy and highly competitive world could never be described as easy. For most perfectionists, however, it is downright impossible. Although many people tend to think of being a perfectionist as a positive thing, true perfectionism is, in many ways, extremely counterproductive. Not only does the need to attend to every last little detail waste unnecessary time an... Read More »

Staying Fit on Business Trips

Keeping Fit on Business Trips

Work-Life Balance

Business trips often disrupt exercise routines. Without the familiarity of a local gym, home treadmill or jogging route, many travelers don’t work out. And this lack of physical activity can cause sleeplessness, fatigue and irritability. So here are some ideas for keeping in shape when you’re out of town: • Make reservations at a hotel with a pool, exercise facility or one that offers passes to a ... Read More »

Keep a healthy balance in your busy life

Keep a Healthy Balance in Your Busy Life

General / Work-Life Balance

Learn to shut work off. These days you can work practically anywhere, anytime. It can be a trap, so set a firm time of day to stop work and start concentrating on your family and other activities. • Focus on the here and now. When you’re working, give it your full attention. And when you stop, don’t let worries about work and details about your job occupy your thoughts. This may take some practice... Read More »

Avoiding burnout

Recognizing Burnout Before It Is Too Late

Stress Management / Work-Life Balance

Do you feel constantly tired and irritated by work? Burnout’s symptoms are as varied as those who suffer it. Some people get angry, some become quiet and introverted, while others overeat or abuse drugs and alcohol. If your job is stressful, it’s important to find out if you’re headed for job burnout. Some common pressures include job demands, changes in the workplace or unbalanced work-family tim... Read More »

Eating at Desk

Let’s Do Lunch?

Work-Life Balance

Have you noticed that the phrase “Let’s do lunch” doesn’t seem to be as common as it used to be? And there is a good reason for that. We simply think we have too much to do and are not taking the downtime we need to recharge our batteries. When was the last time you took a whole hour for lunch and actually left your desk? A survey from CareerBuilder reports that workers the... Read More »

Scheduling downtime

Do You Plan Your Downtime?

Work-Life Balance

If you’re like most people, you probably have a schedule or diary that is full of both work- and non-work-related business appointments, but few if any appointments with yourself, your family and your friends. That’s because the latter tend to be fitted in when we can spare some time, rather than being deliberately factored into our busy days. The only trouble with this arrangement, however, is th... Read More »

UMASS Embraces Derrick Gordon As He Comes Out as Gay

UMASS Embraces Derrick Gordon As He Comes Out as Gay


I am so very proud of my alma mater, the University of Massachusetts, for embracing basketball star, Derrick Gordon, who showed immense courage and bravery on Wednesday, when he became the first Division 1 basketball player to publicly announce that he is gay. Derrick had discussed this with his teammates, coaching staff and athletic director prior to making the public announcement and all support... Read More »

Alanna Shaikh: How I'm preparing to get Alzheimer's

Preparing to Get Alzheimer’s


When faced with a parent suffering from Alzheimer’s, most of us respond with denial (“It won’t happen to me”) or extreme efforts at prevention. But global health expert and TED Fellow Alanna Shaikh sees it differently. She’s taking three concrete steps to prepare for the moment — should it arrive — when she herself gets Alzheimer’s disease. Read More »

wonder woman pose

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Confidence / Stress / Stress Management

3 videos by Amy Cuddy that you should watch. There has been a lot of research into how others perceive our body language, and the importance of sending the right message. However, Amy Cuddy delves into how we are influenced by our own body language — and how a few strategic power poses can make a world of difference in our self-confidence and stress levels.     Read More »

What makes you tick?

What Really Makes You Tick?

Confidence / Self Improvement

Self Improvement – 5 questions you should ask yourself If you are like me, I often view myself as somewhat contented with my life the way things are, but of course there is ALWAYS room for improvement. It is human nature to want to aspire daily for something deeper and more meaningful in life. But life can sometimes get in the way, or to put in in plain language, there is often not enough ho... Read More »

NFL player Michael Sam comes out as gay

HUGE Kudos to Michael A. Sam

Professional Sports

Huge kudos to Michael Sams, the All-American defensive lineman from Missouri, for announcing that he is gay, prior to the the NFL draft. Here is a man with conviction, courage and intelligence, pre-empting difficulties he may have had by “hiding” during his NFL career. He is telling the NFL that he is here to help a team win… period. By coming out, Michael will now know that what... Read More »

Problem solving tips from Dr. Jack Singer

Creative Problem Solving Tips

Self Improvement

Everyday problems usually respond to tried-and-true solutions. But sometimes you need to go beyond the obvious. Try these tactics when you need to take a more creative approach to problem-solving. Do some extra research. Don’t assume you have all the facts you need. Before trying to solve the problem, dig deep into the background and the issues surrounding it. You may uncover something new that wi... Read More »

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